What’s in my shower!

I thought I’d do a quick post of the products that are in my shower at the moment. I’m really liking them!


Firstly is what’s on the shelves in my shower. I recently got the Pantene Ice Shine shampoo and conditioner, which I love! I always go back to Pantene, and this is a new product of theirs to come out, which I believe is really similar to their Aqua Light range. It has no silicones or parabens or dyes or anything like that, so supposedly it makes your hair shinier since it won’t have any kind of buildup. I personally never got silicone buildup anyway, so I can’t say I noticed a difference in shine, but they’re wonderful products nonetheless! They smell amazing, the shampoo cleans well and the conditioner makes your hair super soft!

Next I have the Dove Nourishing Oil Care treatment, which I use every few days. Super soft hair after using this, and of course it smells amazing. Then I’ve got the Nivea Daily Deep Cleansing Wash Scrub (what a mouthful lol), which has really fine scrub particles and is gentle enough for daily use. I really like it! And it smells really nice.


On the floor of the shower I’ve got a few other things. The body wash I’m using at the moment is the Palmolive Strawberry Smoother body wash, which smells AMAAAAAAZING. And it’s a pretty pink colour. Then the Nivea in-shower Body Lotion which I mostly use on my legs after shaving since they can sometimes get irritated, it’s great for that! And lastly, the L’oreal Gentle Apricot Scrub. It’s more abrasive than the Nivea scrub, so I use it once or twice a week. It also smells like actual apricots, no artificial smells in there!



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