April BeautyJoint order

My BeautyJoint order arrived! I was so excited, mostly because I had bought my first ever false lashes! I’m really keen to use them sometime, but also a bit apprehensive cos I know I’m gonna suck at applying them for the first few times. Here’s what I got!


I got two of the NYX Butter Glosses, which I’ve heard everyone on YouTube and blogs rave about. I got Creme Brulee (a neutral pinky nude) and Apple Strudel (a muted pink). I can’t get over the smell of these. They smell like sugar! Not to mention the packaging is SUPER pretty and eye-catching. Next, as I mentioned before, I got two packs of false lashes. They’re the Cherry Blossom lashes in #01 and #82. #01 is shorter and denser than #82, but I really really like how #82 looks. I’ll definitely make a post on these once I’ve tried them out! And lastly, I got the Duo lash glue, which is a pretty well-known glue and I hear it’s really good. I’m so excited to use all these things, so there’ll be a few posts to come over the next few weeks!


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