IHerb Order Arrival


My iHerb stuff arrived yay! This time I selected the $8 shipping, so instead of taking 2-3 weeks like the $4 shipping I normally select does, it took 4 days. So quick! And it was tracked, so I got really excited whenever I saw it move. So, here’s what I got.


Just a few things, but I’m SUPER excited to finally be able to try these out! Firstly, at the top left, I got the Ecotools fan brush, which, when I was looking at pictures of it online, appeared to be really dense for a fan brush. Which I liked! So I got it to use for contouring and highlighting, since I feel like it’ll give a really soft look since the bristles themselves still have a lot of give. Secondly, on the right of that, is the Ecotools (tapered) blush brush. I’m really excited to use this, cos I’ve been really obsessed with blush lately, and I haven’t been a huge fan of my current brush I’ve been using for blush, which is the angled blush brush by Coastal Scents. I wanted a brush that was more tapered. Both of these brushes are extreeeemely soft, and they came in adorable reusable pouches. I also love that a lot of the materials used to make them are recycled.

Next, I got the Elf powder brush, which I know everyone is obsessed with, so I had to get it! I already have a flat-top buffing brush, but this one is a bit different. My other one, which is by Coastal Scents, is denser, softer and doesn’t spread that much when you buff with it. The Elf one’s bristles cover a larger area, so it moves differently. I’m really excited to try it out! And lastly, I got the Elf blush in Candid Coral. I did a really quick, messy swatch of this, and it appears to be really light and peachy, which is perfection! Super super keen to use this soon. And everything else! I’m definitely a huge fan of iHerb, and will for sure be ordering more from them in the future. 🙂


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