Current Favourites


Here are a couple of products that I’ve been loving recently! From left to right, firstly we have the Elf Powder Brush that I very recently got from iHerb after hearing all the hype about it. The hype is real, folks! It’s a fantastic brush! It’s soft, but what I like most about it is how much give the bristles have. It’s not that dense, so it moves product around amazingly. I use this for buffing in my foundation and I’ve simply been obsessed with it! Next is the Elf Maximum Coverage Concealer in the shade porcelain, which I also got recently from BeautyJoint. I was slightly worried the shade would be too light for me but it’s perfect! This concealer is exceptional for under-eyes and blemishes, the coverage is great! Also the formula is perfect, it blends easily and never goes cakey. I highly recommend it!

Next is the Elf Matte Lip Colour in natural, that I bought from Kmart a few months ago. My favourite way to wear this is over my NYX Wonder Pencil in light, which not only holds it in place for ages, but it also lightens the colour to a really pretty light, muted pink. I love it!! It’s also not drying and lasts for aaaaaages. Next we have the NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee, which I LOOOOVE. I also have Apple Strudel, which I love equally, but I’ve been using this shade more because it’s nice and neutral. Not only is the smell beautiful (it smells like brown sugar), but it goes on so smoothly and lasts for about 2 and a bit hours before it melts away. However, in that time the lip colour underneath has been preserved, so a quick re-application would fix it all up!

Lastly is the Jordana Blush in Touch of Pink, which I got in a $2 shop for $5. It’s absolutely amazing! Especially for the price! It’s pigmented, smooth, is easy to blend, and the colour is super pretty and wearable. I’m really impressed, and I kinda wanna get millions more shades. As you can see, I’ve been kinda dying over these products, most of which are Elf, which has definitely become one of my favourite brands! I LOVE EVERYTHING.


IHerb Order Arrival


My iHerb stuff arrived yay! This time I selected the $8 shipping, so instead of taking 2-3 weeks like the $4 shipping I normally select does, it took 4 days. So quick! And it was tracked, so I got really excited whenever I saw it move. So, here’s what I got.


Just a few things, but I’m SUPER excited to finally be able to try these out! Firstly, at the top left, I got the Ecotools fan brush, which, when I was looking at pictures of it online, appeared to be really dense for a fan brush. Which I liked! So I got it to use for contouring and highlighting, since I feel like it’ll give a really soft look since the bristles themselves still have a lot of give. Secondly, on the right of that, is the Ecotools (tapered) blush brush. I’m really excited to use this, cos I’ve been really obsessed with blush lately, and I haven’t been a huge fan of my current brush I’ve been using for blush, which is the angled blush brush by Coastal Scents. I wanted a brush that was more tapered. Both of these brushes are extreeeemely soft, and they came in adorable reusable pouches. I also love that a lot of the materials used to make them are recycled.

Next, I got the Elf powder brush, which I know everyone is obsessed with, so I had to get it! I already have a flat-top buffing brush, but this one is a bit different. My other one, which is by Coastal Scents, is denser, softer and doesn’t spread that much when you buff with it. The Elf one’s bristles cover a larger area, so it moves differently. I’m really excited to try it out! And lastly, I got the Elf blush in Candid Coral. I did a really quick, messy swatch of this, and it appears to be really light and peachy, which is perfection! Super super keen to use this soon. And everything else! I’m definitely a huge fan of iHerb, and will for sure be ordering more from them in the future. 🙂

Rimmel Retro Glam Mascara review

ImageThis has definitely been my favourite mascara ever since I got it a month or so ago! The packaging is adorable, the brush is huge and I really like the formula. I personally prefer wetter formulas to dryer ones. I do wish I got this in waterproof though, because it doesn’t hold a curl that great, but I can deal with that. It’s super black, builds easily, never clumps, it’s just perfection!

ImageHere’s one coat on the right. I really like how you can just do one coat like this, or build it up more. I just love it! I’m definitely gonna get the waterproof one when I run out of this one. Or maybe a different Rimmel mascara! Overall, it’s exceptional and I really recommend it!

Favourite/Most Used Brushes


I thought I’d do a post on my favourite slash most used (and very dirty) brushes! All my brushes (except one) are from the Coastal Scents 22 piece brush set, and their quality is impeccable! Absolutely zero shedding, super soft, and versatile. So, here’s my favourite out of the 22!

ImageFirstly, we have the Powder Buffer brush (I’m getting the names off the site, they’re not written on the brushes themselves). This is a very soft, super dense brush that I use to buff in my bb cream. I don’t find it that great to use for powder. But it’s perfecet for liquid products, although I weirdly don’t prefer to use it for foundation for some weird reason. Because it’s super dense, it has almost no give, which I feel is good and bad. Overall a fantastic brush!

ImageNext is the Flat Buffer brush, and this is what I use for foundation. Again, it’s super soft, dense, and has much more give than the previous one. I find it just buffs the foundation in much better than the other one, which is pretty important for foundation (which I only wear sometimes tbh). Oh yeah and both of these brushes are synthetic.

ImageThis is the Large Shadow brush, which is made of pony hair. It’s a pretty huge eyeshadow brush, it almost covers my whole eyelid. It’s great for just chucking on a colour if you’re not fussed about it being unprecise, which is good for me cos I usually only use really light colours anyway. It picks up colour nicely, and hasn’t shed at all the whole time I’ve had it (like 3 or 4 months).

ImageThis is the blender brush, which is also made of pony hair. It’s quite big as well, which is great for crease blending. It also has quite a lot of give. Again, it picks up colour really well and hasn’t shed at all.

ImageThis is the Detail Shadow brush, again made of pony hair. I used this to put colour in the inner corner, which it’s perfect for!

ImageThis is the Large Liner/Brow brush, which I looooooove for my brows! It’s made of nylon, and is simply perfect.

ImageLastly, this is the Elf Essential Brow Comb & Brush, which I really wish I got online, cos I stupidly got it in Kmart and it was $5, which isn’t much, but I could’ve got it for less than that if I got it off iHerb, AND I could’ve got the studio one, which is black, which would’ve matched all my other brushes (lol). But oh well! I use this to brush my brows and I use the plastic side to pull apart lashes that have stuck together from mascara. It’s perfect! And definitely a brush I use daily, like all the others!

April BeautyJoint order

My BeautyJoint order arrived! I was so excited, mostly because I had bought my first ever false lashes! I’m really keen to use them sometime, but also a bit apprehensive cos I know I’m gonna suck at applying them for the first few times. Here’s what I got!


I got two of the NYX Butter Glosses, which I’ve heard everyone on YouTube and blogs rave about. I got Creme Brulee (a neutral pinky nude) and Apple Strudel (a muted pink). I can’t get over the smell of these. They smell like sugar! Not to mention the packaging is SUPER pretty and eye-catching. Next, as I mentioned before, I got two packs of false lashes. They’re the Cherry Blossom lashes in #01 and #82. #01 is shorter and denser than #82, but I really really like how #82 looks. I’ll definitely make a post on these once I’ve tried them out! And lastly, I got the Duo lash glue, which is a pretty well-known glue and I hear it’s really good. I’m so excited to use all these things, so there’ll be a few posts to come over the next few weeks!

Garnier prize!


I received this in the mail after I was one of the people that won a little prize on NZgirl. I’m super excited about it! I’ve been using the Garnier bb cream for oily/combination skin for a few years now and I’ve been IN LOVE with it. So this is really exciting and I’m really keen to try it out!

What’s in my shower!

I thought I’d do a quick post of the products that are in my shower at the moment. I’m really liking them!


Firstly is what’s on the shelves in my shower. I recently got the Pantene Ice Shine shampoo and conditioner, which I love! I always go back to Pantene, and this is a new product of theirs to come out, which I believe is really similar to their Aqua Light range. It has no silicones or parabens or dyes or anything like that, so supposedly it makes your hair shinier since it won’t have any kind of buildup. I personally never got silicone buildup anyway, so I can’t say I noticed a difference in shine, but they’re wonderful products nonetheless! They smell amazing, the shampoo cleans well and the conditioner makes your hair super soft!

Next I have the Dove Nourishing Oil Care treatment, which I use every few days. Super soft hair after using this, and of course it smells amazing. Then I’ve got the Nivea Daily Deep Cleansing Wash Scrub (what a mouthful lol), which has really fine scrub particles and is gentle enough for daily use. I really like it! And it smells really nice.


On the floor of the shower I’ve got a few other things. The body wash I’m using at the moment is the Palmolive Strawberry Smoother body wash, which smells AMAAAAAAZING. And it’s a pretty pink colour. Then the Nivea in-shower Body Lotion which I mostly use on my legs after shaving since they can sometimes get irritated, it’s great for that! And lastly, the L’oreal Gentle Apricot Scrub. It’s more abrasive than the Nivea scrub, so I use it once or twice a week. It also smells like actual apricots, no artificial smells in there!


Tiny IHerb Arrival

My iHerb stuff arrived today! I’m actually about to make an order for more stuff, all in one go cos that’s more ideal. I just had two things in here, the Elf lip primer/plumper and the lash & brow clear mascara. I’m most excited to try the lip primer! I’ll do a review on it when I’ve given it a go.

ImageNext on my list of arrivals is a BeautyJoint order that got shipped this morning, an order from BeautyNetKorea (for just one thing), and like I said, another iHerb order (for six things). I’m super excited to get all this stuff!


LA Colours Liquid Eyeliner REUNITED Review!

The second time I went to the Big Bucket Deals sale a few days after my first trip, I got this LA Colours eyeliner for $2. My one I had been using for like two years was on its last legs, getting all clumpy and dry, and I loved it to bits so I had to grab this while I could!

ImageIt’s in the shade black brown, which is pretty much a black, but of course with brown undertones. It doesn’t look brown at all, especially if you put an extra layer on so it’s completely opaque. I tried this out earlier this evening and LOVE it. The formula is perfect and not semi-old like my previous one. The brush has the right amount of give, and the eyeliner itself it quite wet, which I find very easy to work with. I took a (kinda) bad quality picture of how the eyeliner turned out, which I was really stoked with! It’s not mega professional or anything, but it was SO easy to do. It took like, ten seconds to do each eye.

ImageI bought the Milani eyetech (I believe that’s what it’s called) a little while ago, and have been finding it quite difficult to do! It’s in a felt tip pen style, which is definitely more challenging than a liner with a brush. Overall I HIGHLY recommend this eyeliner, especially if you can find it in the black shade. I know BeautyJoint has it for $2 or so and they have the black shade, so I’ll probably get it off there next time if I can, cos it’s my HG liquid eyeliner for sure!

Maybelline Colossal Kajal eyeliner

In the swatch, Maybelline is on the left and Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal eyeliner pencil is on the right (you can see the difference in blackness clearly here).

In the swatch, Maybelline is on the left and Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal eyeliner pencil is on the right (you can see the difference in blackness clearly here).

I picked this up at the Big Bucket Deals sale, and have been obsessed with it! It’s a completely waterproof eyeliner, it’s creamy and smooth and is perfect for the waterline and/or tightline. I use mine only on my tightline (I find dark eyeliner on my waterline closes my eye off and isn’t hugely flattering on me), and it stays put all day.


The above picture is without, and the bottom one is with. I find it makes a really nice subtle difference to a look that’s simply just mascara. It makes the lashes look a bit thicker too!