Favourite/Most Used Brushes


I thought I’d do a post on my favourite slash most used (and very dirty) brushes! All my brushes (except one) are from the Coastal Scents 22 piece brush set, and their quality is impeccable! Absolutely zero shedding, super soft, and versatile. So, here’s my favourite out of the 22!

ImageFirstly, we have the Powder Buffer brush (I’m getting the names off the site, they’re not written on the brushes themselves). This is a very soft, super dense brush that I use to buff in my bb cream. I don’t find it that great to use for powder. But it’s perfecet for liquid products, although I weirdly don’t prefer to use it for foundation for some weird reason. Because it’s super dense, it has almost no give, which I feel is good and bad. Overall a fantastic brush!

ImageNext is the Flat Buffer brush, and this is what I use for foundation. Again, it’s super soft, dense, and has much more give than the previous one. I find it just buffs the foundation in much better than the other one, which is pretty important for foundation (which I only wear sometimes tbh). Oh yeah and both of these brushes are synthetic.

ImageThis is the Large Shadow brush, which is made of pony hair. It’s a pretty huge eyeshadow brush, it almost covers my whole eyelid. It’s great for just chucking on a colour if you’re not fussed about it being unprecise, which is good for me cos I usually only use really light colours anyway. It picks up colour nicely, and hasn’t shed at all the whole time I’ve had it (like 3 or 4 months).

ImageThis is the blender brush, which is also made of pony hair. It’s quite big as well, which is great for crease blending. It also has quite a lot of give. Again, it picks up colour really well and hasn’t shed at all.

ImageThis is the Detail Shadow brush, again made of pony hair. I used this to put colour in the inner corner, which it’s perfect for!

ImageThis is the Large Liner/Brow brush, which I looooooove for my brows! It’s made of nylon, and is simply perfect.

ImageLastly, this is the Elf Essential Brow Comb & Brush, which I really wish I got online, cos I stupidly got it in Kmart and it was $5, which isn’t much, but I could’ve got it for less than that if I got it off iHerb, AND I could’ve got the studio one, which is black, which would’ve matched all my other brushes (lol). But oh well! I use this to brush my brows and I use the plastic side to pull apart lashes that have stuck together from mascara. It’s perfect! And definitely a brush I use daily, like all the others!