LA Colours Liquid Eyeliner REUNITED Review!

The second time I went to the Big Bucket Deals sale a few days after my first trip, I got this LA Colours eyeliner for $2. My one I had been using for like two years was on its last legs, getting all clumpy and dry, and I loved it to bits so I had to grab this while I could!

ImageIt’s in the shade black brown, which is pretty much a black, but of course with brown undertones. It doesn’t look brown at all, especially if you put an extra layer on so it’s completely opaque. I tried this out earlier this evening and LOVE it. The formula is perfect and not semi-old like my previous one. The brush has the right amount of give, and the eyeliner itself it quite wet, which I find very easy to work with. I took a (kinda) bad quality picture of how the eyeliner turned out, which I was really stoked with! It’s not mega professional or anything, but it was SO easy to do. It took like, ten seconds to do each eye.

ImageI bought the Milani eyetech (I believe that’s what it’s called) a little while ago, and have been finding it quite difficult to do! It’s in a felt tip pen style, which is definitely more challenging than a liner with a brush. Overall I HIGHLY recommend this eyeliner, especially if you can find it in the black shade. I know BeautyJoint has it for $2 or so and they have the black shade, so I’ll probably get it off there next time if I can, cos it’s my HG liquid eyeliner for sure!


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